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Tempting Fate
July 28 - August 13, 2005
Chicago Actors' Studio

"[Brown Couch's ten-minute play festival is] an important one that gives a much-needed public platform for playwright's voices."

- Fabrizio O. Almedida, New City Times

Our third festival focused on the theme of "superstition." It was also the first year to feature a curtain scene, Scream, featuring Allison Moody and the creepy voice of Mark Pracht.

TGIF by John Pizzuto (Brooklyn, NY)
Directed by Heather Brown
featuring Shea Bredenkamp & Rebecca Wright

Ghost Throats by Michael Rose (Carbondale, IL)
Directed by Alicia Sherman
featuring Jonathan Beran & Joe Ciresi

It's a Sign by Allison Moody (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Monica Weigel
featuring Cory Fowkes, Molly McVay, Shadana Patterson & Mark Pracht

30 Pieces by Mark Pracht (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Josh Miller
featuring Joseph M. Adamczak, Ray Baker & Trey Edge

The Miraculous Day Quartet by Mary Steelsmith (Los Angeles, CA)
Directed by Marcus Kamie
featuring Rob Biesenbach, Juan Castaneda, Sarah McLaughlin, Tom Quigley & Maria Silverman

The Soul Sisters From Beyond by Libby Rucker (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Kim Ferse
featuring Eric Bell, Alex Dickson, Annamarie MacLeod & Aimee Shyn

They're Playing Your Song by Meron Langsner (Somerville, MA)
Directed by Micky York
featuring Joseph M. Adamczak, Rob Biesenbach & Ben Tedder

Resurrection by David Kruh (Reading, MA)
Directed by Allison Quetel
featuring Ray Baker & Colene Byrd

Scratch Ticket by Michele Markarian (Cambridge, MA)
Directed by Ryan Magnuson
featuring Hattie Davis & Cory Fowkes

Apple the Color of Your Neck by Joe Tracz (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Allison Moody
featuring Leanne Raney & Annie Rubino

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