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The Mating Game
June 9 - 24, 2006
Viaduct Theatre

"Bravo for terrific choices, produced with imagination, humor and sensitivity, and directed and acted with consummate skill...What a delicious range and emotional treat -- from laughter to tears! I can hardly wait for next year!" (read the full review)

- Beverly Friend, Pioneer Press

Although we always threatened to make our theme "sex" to get people in the seats, we came the closest with our fourth festival on "mating rituals." The curtain scene, Penguins In the City, featured Shea Bredenkamp, Heather Durham and Kate McDermott.

Ambience Pizza by Adam Szymkowicz (Brooklyn, NY)
Directed by Lydia Milman
featuring Peter Kersten & Anne Korajczyk

Bridesmaid #3 by Colette Friedman (Burbank, CA)
Directed by Andy Grigg
featuring Kate McDermott & Ari Mulvaney

Ariel by John C. Davenport (Seattle, WA)
Directed by Jennifer Hawk
featuring Eric Lee, John Oster & Sara Ritz

Saturday Night Newtown, Sunday Morning Enmore by Alex Broun (Sydney, Australia)
Directed by Morgan Leavitt
featuring Kyra Lewandowski & Mark Pracht

Getting to Know You by Kendall Gray (Omaha, NE)
Directed by Bryan White
featuring Torey Adkins, Kate Cares, Robert Dennison & Pam Tierney

A Bunny Tale by Colene Byrd (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Marcus Kamie
featuring Torey Adkins, Heather Durham & Dan Kennedy

Laundry Service by Beth Novick (New York, NY)
Directed by Marc Friedman
featuring Kyle Cobb & Denise Santomauro

Sightlines by Charles Hall (Toronto, Ontario)
Directed by Jennifer Adams
featuring Trey Edge & Dane Mehringer

Speed Date by Carol White (Delray Beach, FL)
Directed by Mark Pracht
featuring Kate Care & Lisa Joy Raffety

Six Bottles of Heinekin After the Silverado by E. M. Lewis (Santa Monica, CA)
Directed by Colene Byrd
featuring Frank Murphy & Pam Tierney

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