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Last Call
September 10 - 25, 2004
Viaduct Theatre

Our second festival centered around the theme of addiction. Joining alcoholism, television, video games and food were unconventional addictions to capri pants and telemarketers. More than twice as many submissions came in this year, making the decision twice as hard!

Waiting for Alexander Graham Bell
by William S. E. Coleman (Des Moines, IA)
Directed by Cory Fowkes*
featuring: Rob Biesenbach & Rebecca Wright

The Palace of Wisdom
by Ann Marie Oliva (Charlotte, NC)
Directed by Allison Quetel
Caren Evers, Cory Fowkes* & Nilsa Reyna

It Only Hurts
by Samantha Burgan (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Micky York*
Bucky Cross & Sadie Rogers

Capri Diem
by Libby Rucker (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Ryan Magnuson*
Rob Biesenbach, Alyse Kittner, Tim Rogers, Alicia Sherman & Pam Tierney

by Adam Simon (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Heather Brown*
Maya-Camille Broussard, Bucky Cross, Madelon Guinazzo & Helen Young

I’ll Be There
by Micky York* (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Mark Pracht
featuring: James Dunn, Emily Kollars &
Meagan Piccochi

by Don Paul Martin (Northfield, NH)
Directed by Lloyd Bolick
Micky York*

American Idolatry
by William Nedved (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Billy Mayer
featuring: Bill Crutchfield, Katie Hammond & Donna Lobello

Bar Stool
by John Shea (Somerville, MA)
Directed by Josh Miller
Katie Ayers & Mark Pracht

The Key to the Mystic Halls of Time
by Matt Casarino (Wilmington, DE)
Directed by Ryan Magnuson*
featuring: Colene Byrd, Crutchfield, James Dunn & Tim Rogers

* denotes Brown Couch company member

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