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Kickin' It Old Skool
August 8 - 16, 2003
Piven Theatre

The festival that started it all: this year's theme was "education" and ran for two weeks in 2003.

Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson
By Rich Orloff (New York, NY)
Directed by Arielle Williams
featuring: Ellie Kaufman,
Morgan Reis & Brandon Tesar

Tough Cookie
by Rich Orloff (New York, NY)
Directed by Lloyd Bolick
featuring: Oscar Avila, Brigitte Lehmkuhl, Ryan Pfeiffer, Jerry Razowsky & Joe Spina

Study Hall
By Micky York* (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Jennifer Green
featuring: Emily Churchill, Greg Johnson, Lester Keefe, Andrea Klunder, Faith Mickley, Allejandro Pina, Meredith Rensa, Brandon Tesar & Kris Vire

by Bixby Elliot (New York, NY)
Directed by Heather Brown*
featuring Jennifer Black, Kate Finch*, Ellie Kaufman & Morgan Reis

Gimme a Break Room
by William S.E. Coleman (Des Moines, IA)
Directed by Anthony Martinez, Assistant Direction/Dramaturgy by J. Geneske
featuring: Greg Johnson, Jerry Razowsky, Jessica Remis, Kerri Van Auken & Geoffrey Zak

Tombstone Diploma
by John Weagly (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Allison Moody*
Anna Weiler

by Stephan Perrault (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Cory Fowkes*
featuring: Mary Johnson, Lester Keefe &
Brigitte Lehmkuhl

Fish Out of Water
by Stephen Young (Pekin, IL)
Directed by Micky York*
Stacie Doublin & Jeremy Hodges

Room 116
by Micky York* (Chicago, IL)
Directed by Ryan Magnuson*
featuring: Oscar Avila, Emily Churchill, Tom Herman, Erik Koelle, Ron Subeck, Carrie Vann &
Kris Vire

* denotes Brown Couch company member

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