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Now Now, Brown Couch
August 17 - September 2, 2007
The Theatre Building

For our fifth annual festival, we went back to what started it all: an old brown couch. Our playwrights created works that take place on, around and in the general vicinity of the couch. We also featured nightly sets with local up and coming sketch comedy and improv groups, as well as three staged readings, held each Sunday night.

The Critics
by Ian Grody
New York, NY
directed by Mark Pracht*
featuring: Marie Antoinette Flores, Sarah B. McLaughlin & Ben Veatch

by Rebekah M. Lopata
Newark, DE
directed by Margaret Lebron
featuring: Lori Grupp & Damian Vanore

One Sunday Morning
by Dennis Jones
Powhatan, VA
directed by Lauren Shepard
featuring: Sam Bianchini, Colene Byrd* & Mark Pracht*

The Collar
by Ryan Dolan
Chicago, IL
directed by Ryan Magnuson
featuring: Dustin Burnett & Krissy Callahan

Clean Sweep
by Walt McGough
Chicago, IL
directed by Anne Sheridan-Smith
featuring: Ryan Curtin & Whitney Green

Sometimes Is All
by Theresa Giacopasi
Mahopac, NY
directed by Andrew Hobgood
featuring: Ryan Curtin, Sarah B. McLaughlin, Jacqueline Stone & Ben Veatch

by Brian Allard
Portland, OR
directed by Lydia Milman
featuring: Lisa Cordileone & Micky York*

Naked in the Light of Day
by Michelle Jane Wilson
St. Paul, MN
directed by Colene Byrd*
featuring: Jennifer Cheers & Mark Pracht*

Sir Edmund Walter Has a Thought
by Matt Haldeman
Haverford, PA
directed by Lance Hall
featuring: Dustin Burnett & Damian Vanore

A Chicago Coda
by Colene Byrd*
Chicago, IL
directed by Micky York*
featuring: Sarah Pinkham & Tom Wells


August 19th @ 7pm: The Battle of Anzio by Brenda Kilianski, directed by Gabriele Johansen
featuring: Kara Ewinger, Chuck Greenia, Iris Lieberman, Dave Lykins, Francesca Peppiatt, Jenn SavaRyan, James Stanton & HB Ward

August 26th @ 7pm: Along For the Ride by Randall L. Wheatley, directed by Colene Byrd*
featuring: Mark Pracht* and Shea Bredenkamp*

September 2nd @ 7pm: Open Minds by Adam Szymkowicz, directed by Lydia Milman
featuring: Dustin Burnett, Colene Byrd, Jennifer Cheers, Paul Kastner, Sarah B. McLaughlin, Ben Veatch & Damian Vanore

* denotes company member


Revolver, Sirens, Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Money in the Pants, Size 8

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